Struggling with Tooth Sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth can cause pain or discomfort when coming in contact with certain stimuli like cold air, hot or cold foods, hot or cold drinks, sweets, or just touch. The Cambie Broadway Dental Associates office, provides various treatments to combat your teeth sensitivity.

Dentinal Sensitivity

Depending on the type of sensitivity that you have, different methods are available to fit your unique needs. If you have dentinal sensitivity, the middle layer of your tooth is exposed. This could be caused by receding gum lines. One treatment includes an in-office application of resin coating that covers the exposed area. The results can be effective for up to six months.

Pulpal Sensitivity

Pulpal sensitivity comes from the pulp chamber of the tooth where nerves and tissues are stored. This sensitivity can be caused by decay, infection, recent fillings, or the grinding of teeth. Many different solutions exist for pulpal sensitivity depending on the symptoms. Talk with The Cambie Broadway Dental Associates to figure out what options are best for your situation.