Tooth Extractions in Vancouver

Tooth Extractions Near You

While we would all like to keep our natural teeth in our mouths for as long as possible, sometimes, tooth extractions are unavoidable. While the thought of getting a tooth extracted can be scary, tooth extractions are a very common and necessary procedure for many patients. At Cambie Broadway Dental, we provide our patients with options for surgical and simple tooth extractions in Vancouver.

Tooth Extractions in Vancouver

When Are Tooth Extractions Required?

It is always in your best interest to keep your natural teeth in your mouth for as long as possible; however, there are some circumstances in which tooth extractions are the best option. Some cases in which tooth extractions are necessary include:

  • Preparing your mouth for orthodontic appliances
  • Advanced gum disease (periodontitis)
  • A tooth that is broken below the gum line
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Simple vs. Surgical Tooth Extractions

At Cambie Broadway Dental, we provide two kinds of tooth extractions: surgical and simple extractions.

Surgical extractions– are performed on individuals with impacted wisdom teeth or those who have teeth that have broken below the gum line. To perform a surgical extraction, our dentist will numb the affected area before creating a small incision in your gum tissue to access and remove the tooth. They will then disinfect the area before suturing it closed using dissolving stitches.

Simple extractions- are performed on patients who have a tooth above their gum lines that needs to be removed, such as a broken or infected tooth. During this procedure, the area will be numbed before our dentist in Vancouver uses a special tool to gently move the tooth back and forth until it is loose enough to lift out of the socket.

When you visit our dental office, our dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth to determine which form of tooth extraction is best for you.

Healing After Tooth Extractions

Regardless of the type of extraction you get, it is normal to experience some level of discomfort following the procedure. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen are enough to help alleviate your pain. Additionally, it is normal to experience some swelling and tenderness for the first few days following your tooth extraction procedure. Make sure that you follow your dentist’s instructions for aftercare to heal quickly and effectively.

Interested in Tooth Extractions Near You?

At Cambie Broadway Dental, our dedicated dental professionals offer surgical and simple tooth extractions in Vancouver. We prioritize your oral health and wellbeing above all else, and our dentist will work with you to provide the best treatment for your needs. Please contact us to book a consultation today.